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Hotel Consulting is a school with the aim to plan, develop and provide trainings in hospitality industry, making use of the expertise of renowned professionals of the tourism and hospitality industry. The two primary guidelines are: training for jobseekers and development training for professionals.


 The planning philosophy and methodology of Hotel Consulting reverses the classical approach concerning the training of jobseekers: the planned courses are studied based on the real needs of the labor market integration of partner hospitality structures. In this way the crucial relationship between training and job market gets strengthened and consolidated.

Among the training offers of Hotel Consulting ranging in all fields of hospitality, it is worth evoking the cases of the Quality Control of luxury hotels, the SPA Management, the Rooms Division Management, the Territorial Marketing, the Service Techniques in food service operations and the Human Resources Management.


The areas of intervention are:

  • Company strategies & organization
  • Research, selection, staff management and administration
  • Sales management, treasurer and warehouses
  • Execution of Marketing & Communication Plans
  • Budget & Controlling
  • Development of training plans for businesses and individuals
  • Mapping and certification of competences
  • Access to funded training programs
  • ISO certifications for business organization
  • Management and control of quality systems, definition, drafting and execution of operating standards for single companies or hotel groups.

Our coursis are in English. For further information please contact us.